Tips to Buy the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers from Newsweek

If you sleep on your side much of the time, your sleeping patterns will align with most adults. According to the sleep lab advanced technology Sleep Medicine Facilities, side sleeping is deemed the most normal sleeping condition. And while experts agree that side sleep has tons of advantages, including improved digestion, improved respiration, and neutral back balance, these beneficial benefits can be negated with the wrong form. This is why the mattress built, especially for lateral sleepers, is critical. We have also outlined a few main things to remember before purchasing when you need further advice from Newsweek for a mattress guide.

Mattress Materials and Types

At least one sheet of memory foam can be used for the right columns for side sleepers since the texture helps the normal curvature of the spine, which minimizes the chance of waking with pressure and pain. This form of the mattress itself is also good for the bodyweight distribution in the side’s sleeping position.

Memory foams, including gel, latex, and regular, exist in numerous forms. While a mixture of three comprises several memory foam mattresses, others use just one form. Memory foams from gel and latex are more receptive than standard memory foam—that means they are faster as you travel all night long—buts are also more costly.

Pressure Relief

You would need to choose a mattress that supports your standard corporal curve without falling into it too far if you are a side sleeper. Options with adequate help contour the body form for maximum relaxation when pressing back sufficiently to hold your spinal cord in correct alignment. It is also necessary to provide enough pressure to hold your hips, thighs, and shoulders out of your bed than those of the entire body. Side sleepers might be waking up with the right amount of comfort inside a mattress.


When choosing a suitable mattress, it is essential to look at the firmness rate. An overly soft mattress does not give users the required structure. However, it does trigger joint discomfort and soreness. Most sleepers noticed that mild to intermediate firmness mattresses help a relaxed feeling without becoming too stiff.

Sleep Trial as well as Warranty

To guarantee a sound investment, Mattress suppliers supply sleep trials with guarantees and return policy. Learn every policy’s fine print at all times. Sleep trials let consumers taste a new mattress throughout the comfort of home – especially for bed-in-a-box retailers. Typically, the consumer can’t test the mattress until purchasing. The trial times vary from 90 to 120 nights. If the consumer does not like the mattress, most firms pick up the bed until they offer a total refund.

The next best option to search for is a refund policy when a sleep test is not available. It’s around the same time as most refund plans last 30 days to adapt to a fresh mattress. If you are not happy with the room, you will repay the customer (although some restocking fees may apply). A guarantee covers development failures (e.g., broken or bunched foam). It reduces above one inch (the measurement varies depending on the brand). A 10-year guarantee is required in most beds.

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